Bill Borger Mt. Everest Summit and Calgary News Media

Bill Borger Mount Everest/Calgary HandiBus Fundraiser and Calgary TV, Radio, and Newspapers

If you are a regular reader of my blog [which is dedicated to Alberta marketing topics] you’ll quickly note that I had a negative bias toward Radio, Newspapers, and TV advertising. Note, ” I had.” Until January of this year, my interaction with traditional media outlets came from a competitive angle; that is, I was promoting my experiences in marketing as reasons to not spend your advertising money on traditional media. So, to some degree, I only worked on one side of the coin.

In December of 2010 I met Bill Borger Jr. At that time, Bill was preparing for an amazing adventure – to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Having already swum the English Channel (in 2001) Bill was soon to become the fifth person ever  and the first Canadian to have accomplished both feats. The video below is from May 9, 2011 as he worked his way towards Base Camp 1 of Mount Everest.

In connection with the Everest climb, Bill worked with the Calgary HandiBus and set out to use the climb as a means to raise money for that charity. As of May 11, 2011 Bill had raised over $375,000.

Now for the part that has changed my view of traditional news media. Along with the Calgary Herald, Global TV, CTV Calgary, 660Am and 960Am, and several other outlets dedicated much of their time to promoting Bill’s and the HandiBus’ efforts.

Click for a part of Global TV‘s coverage.

Click for CTV coverage.

Click for a part of the Calgary Herald‘s coverage.

660 AM and 960 AM also did several interviews. Visit Bill’s Peak and Pond website to hear those.

Thinking of traditional media as existing only to gain advertising revenue might be prudent if you are a shareholder or competitor but from a community point of view, a strong local media benefits the community it serves. Promoting Bill’s efforts and those of the HandiBus will only serve to build awareness of a worthy not-for-profit and the citizens it serves.

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Bill Borger Mount Everest Global TV Calgary

Bill Borger Mount Everest Global TV Calgary

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