David Howse Marketing Ltd. serves top-tier Calgary businesspeople and companies such as:

David Howse, the President of David Howse Marketing Ltd. is an Calgary-based marketing consultant, business strategist, and entrepreneur.  David also runs Matterhorn PR and Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd. He has over 20 years of marketing experience including:

2 years in market and marketing research (both corporate and academic)
6 years in Vancouver and LA’s film industry (editing – where the story gets told)
2 years in the high-tech industry
a 2-year diploma in marketing (where he graduated at the top of his class)
a Bachelor of Management (from the University of Lethbridge)
and 2 years of computer science and electronics (BCIT, Douglas College, …)

David’s philosophy is that sound business and trade practices are corner stones to a healthy community. Proper marketing practices are the driving forces behind every business and when combined with the entrepreneurial spirit, success will follow.

Visit his website at Alberta Marketing

David has also been featured on the Alberta Venture magazine website, click Alberta Business Help to view that article.

Call David at 403-991-8863

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Ben! I think Southern Alberta needs a few outspoken marketers (well, one at least 😉

    I read the article. Your business and his business are nearly identical. Every thing he mentioned doing can be done for your business as well.

    Thanks for sending it – let’s talk more on it soon.

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